The Benefits of In-House Labs

Jul 05, 2023
The Benefits of In-House Labs
Lab testing is a way for doctors to examine your blood, urine, and stool for health issues, but wouldn't it be great if you could have it done right where you get care? Discover the many benefits of a practice that has its own in-house lab services.

Lab tests are a standard procedure when you're sick or injured. Various lab tests include blood tests, urinalysis, and stool samples to rule out infection or disease.

In most cases, you have a doctor's appointment and have to drive to a separate facility for someone else to draw labs. Still, in-house lab services are on the rise, providing convenience to the patient and speeding up how quickly you and your provider get the results.

At Prudent Medical Providers in Federal Way and Tacoma, Washington, our practice proudly offers a full in-house lab. Our team consists of three board-certified nurse practitioners who use our convenient lab services to provide outstanding care to every patient who comes through the door.

What are lab tests?

Lab testing is a staple of health care, allowing medical providers to look at what's happening in your body through your blood. Providers can diagnose many health conditions and infections through a blood, urine, or body fluid sample.

You need lab testing to analyze a current health problem or as a preventive measure for your overall health.

Blood tests are the most common form of lab testing, but there are many other types. These are some of the common types of lab tests:

One of our team members collects your sample at our in-house lab center and runs it through testing for fast and accurate results. You may receive the results of your labs the same day, or it may take several weeks depending on what test you had.

Understanding in-house labs

Gone are the days when you went to the doctor's office, had an exam, and had to be sent elsewhere for lab testing. More and more facilities are adopting in-house lab services, providing patients with the convenience and fast results they seek.

In-house lab services are similar to free-standing lab centers, just within the same building as the practice. Another advantage of in-house labs is the lesser chance that the sample gets lost in transit to or from the office to the lab center.

It's an all-encompassing form of health care that allows our team to provide continuity of care right at our office.

Benefits of in-house lab testing

There are various advantages to going to a facility with in-house lab services. For example, there's no middleman. We draw your labs and take them right to get tested instead of entrusting your sample with a courier service.

Other essential benefits of having labs at an in-house lab facility include:


One of the most significant advantages of in-house lab testing is the patient’s convenience. There's no need to go to another facility; you go to the designated area in the office to have lab work done.

Fast results

Because the labs don't have to travel anywhere, the results often come in quickly, sometimes  the same day. Fast results help you get the treatment you need quicker and more efficiently.

Less time off work

Taking time off work can be mentally and financially challenging when you're sick. However, with in-house lab testing, you can get everything done in a few hours instead of having to take more time off to get lab tests done.

Saves fuel costs

Gasoline is expensive these days, and driving from your doctor's office to another lab facility costs money. In-house labs reduce the need to drive to a separate location.

Peace of mind

Knowing that your labs are in good hands reduces stress and anxiety. There's no need to worry about labs getting misplaced in transit when you're at an in-house lab facility. There is also a shorter time to wait, as noted, if you’re on edge about particular results.

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