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Physical exams are the foundation of good health, and a health need that you or your family should never overlook. When you rely on the team at Prudent Medical Providers in Tacoma and Federal Way, Washington, rest assured you’ll receive comprehensive physical exams to better understand your overall health and wellness. Book your visit online or by phone today.

What are physical exams?

Physical exams are preventive health visits focused on assessing your overall health and wellness. Most adults and older children benefit from coming in for annual physical exams. 

Visits begin with gathering information on vital signs. Expect a quick check of the following:

  • Height and weight
  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Breathing function
  • Skin condition
  • Neurological function
  • Vision and hearing

The results become part of your personal medical record. Over time, this living document is an excellent tool in detecting changes that might suggest a risk for various chronic health conditions. 

In-house lab testing may also be part of your physical exams. Blood and urine testing reveals greater insight into how your organs and systems are working. You should also be prepared to review your current medications.  

What are DOT physical exams?

People who wish to work in commercial transportation must have a specialized exam to determine if they’re healthy enough to perform the demands of their job. Because commercial drivers share the roads with the general public, these exams are required by the Department of Transportation (DOT), making them an essential part of public safety. 

Many aspects of a DOT exam are similar to routine physical exams. You might also need to have drug testing as part of the process, and exams also look for signs of physical impairment or mental health issues. 

What other kinds of specialized physical exams are available?

From time to time, adults and children need specialized exams. Children often need to have a sports physical before participating in organized athletics or when starting a new school. 

Some organizations require specialized exams for adults who plan to participate in organized sports teams. Certain employers might also ask you to have a certain type of physical. 

While coming in for a specialized exam isn’t always convenient, the purpose of these physicals is to ensure that your body can safely withstand the challenges of your chosen activity or employment. Exams can detect potentially harmful conditions, empowering you to seek treatment that avoids serious complications. 

Regardless of the type of physical exams you and your family need, the team at Prudent Medical Providers is here to help. Book a visit online, which only takes a few moments, or call the nearest office. Same-day appointments are often available.