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Referrals services offered in Federal Way and Tacoma, WA

If you need advanced medical care, working with a specialist might be the best approach. The team at Prudent Medical Providers is happy to provide specialist referrals to residents of Tacoma and Federal Way, Washington. Call the nearest office to book a visit, or spend a few moments on the online scheduling page to find a time that works with your schedule. 

What are specialist referrals?

Medical professionals receive extensive training in internal medicine, which covers all aspects of basic medical needs. Many choose to build their practice around internal medicine and pediatrics, which focuses on addressing children’s health needs. 

Other practitioners go on to receive specialized training in a specific field of medicine. These providers focus solely on a specific type of medical care, and often have access to diagnostic and treatment platforms not available within routine primary care. 

If you need more advanced treatment, your primary care provider offers referrals to specialists. This ensures you get the care you need from a nearby provider with an outstanding reputation and track record. 

What kinds of issues prompt specialist referrals?

Many different conditions can prompt the need for specialized care. One of the most common is when a woman decides to become pregnant and add to her family. Working with an obstetrician is the best way to get the care necessary for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth experience. 

People who encounter serious mental health challenges can also benefit from working with a psychiatric specialist. Your mental health is interconnected with your physical health, so meeting these needs should be a top priority. 

Cancer diagnostic and treatment services are another common area of specialized care. Orthopedic needs, heart disease, and liver failure are also examples of health needs that may be best met by working with a medical specialist. 

What happens after specialist referrals?

Once your primary care provider helps you connect with a specialist, your health team remains in close contact with your extended care team. This ensures your specialist has full access to your medical records. 

Open communication also helps ensure you receive continuity of care after your specialized treatment concludes. Your primary care provider learns more about your specific treatments and long-term care needs, and creates a customized plan to support your health and wellness journey. 

Medication management is a central part of continuity of care. Many medications and treatments create negative interactions when used at the same time. Your primary care provider should know the full scope of your health history in order to prevent poor outcomes and ensure your medications are working for, not against you. 

If you have additional questions or concerns about specialist referrals, book a visit with Prudent Medical Providers by phone or online today.